Medical Billing Collections

Let our experts handle your medical debt collections with the right finesse and fail-proof strategies – so that you can focus on the business of growing your practice.

Effectively avoid waisting your time

While collection of outstanding debts is one of the most important parts of a successful practice, accurate and timely recording of monies received is equally paramount. With MBD, all your receipts are recorded within our secure systems on the same working day. This allows our dedicated team to only work on debts that are truly outstanding, which effectively avoids wasted time chasing debts that have already been paid.

Rest assured that even if the collection of a debt become difficult, we have the experience and tools in place to recover the debt through the legal route if needed and approved by you. All difficult debts will be highlighted by your account manager, who will make a best-practice recommendation for the next steps to take.

Collections are traditionally both challenging and time consuming. MBD’s secure systems, linked directly to the major Insurance Providers so that all electronic Invoices are automatically authorised and paid, make monetary bottlenecks a thing of the past. We understand also that self-payers, embassies and solicitors require dedicated and focused account management. Through professional expertise combined with a respectful approach, the MBD team have an excellent track record on collections – we deliver the significant increase in your net income of up to 25%.

Why Choose Us

Without the correct training, the task of collections can be stressful. The MBD team are perfectly placed to get the job done smoothly – with a wealth of experience as well as continuous ongoing training, we will ensure your medical billing collections are handled efficiently, professionally and with a sensitive approach that does not cause conflict.

The MBD solution to medical debt collections delivers the following benefits:

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Our strong collections record is largely based on the quality of accurate billing that we perform. Our online e-billing solution automatically validates that all of the necessary information is present so that Insurance Providers process the Invoice as fast as possible. Additionally, regular debtor ledger reviews and continuous follow-up ensures that all outstanding debt is collected within a sensible time frame. Our experienced approach to your patients will always be professional yet sensitive to minimise problems, and we will consult you directly regarding any potential non-payers before taking the final measure of legal proceedings.
A. We will instruct all related Insurance Providers to make payments directly into your specified practice bank account. The remittance advice will be sent to MBD – we will record the receipt of payment and allocate this against the relevant Invoices. Cheques received that are payable to your practice will be recorded on our systems, allocated against Invoices and banked on your behalf. Monies collected by us on your behalf, such as self payers using a debit or credit card, will be electronically transferred to your practice bank account.
A. Our robust, secure systems allow us to offer both standard and bespoke reporting packages, tailored to the information you want. Typically we provide detailed monthly reports regarding aged debtors, bank reconciliation, billing analysis, Insurance activity and other key factors. Additional bespoke reporting and analysis is readily available from your account manager, such as referral analysis and fee breakdown. You will always have access to your reports at a moments’ notice via your account manager.
A. We provide a FREE Billing Health Check via a face to face meeting at your convenience. The findings from our audit are then compiled by our specialists into a comprehensive report that will be forwarded to your practice within two business days. From this foundation of comprehensive understanding, we will fit into your private practice as a seamless partner that you can absolutely rely on.

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