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Phentermine Cheapest Price Online - Buy Phentermine Online China

We have over 25 years’ experience in medical billing and collections. Through this journey we have encountered a vast array of challenges and questions that practitioners have. We have written the below frequently asked questions, which cover the most common ones. If you have any queries that are not covered below please feel free to contact us

If you have questions, which cover the most common ones. If you have any queries that are not covered below please feel free to contact us

Buy Original Phentermine Online
There are no financial or statutory restrictions to making a switch for your billing administration, so you are free to go ahead whenever it is convenient for you. Your company financial year and personal tax year also have no bearing on changing your medical billing to MBD. That said however, the sooner you move your billing to our experienced team, the sooner you will enjoy the benefits of reduced costs, improved cash flow and more time to focus on your patients.
Order Original Phentermine
The challenge of growing your practice will require your full focus on the practical and patient care related issues, so we advise you to take on a billing and collections partner as early as possible. If this important aspect is being managed effectively, you will have the confidence to do what you do best – taking care of the patients that put their trust in you. Another reason why it’s best not to wait too long before opting for a billing specialist is that increased practice activity equals increased billing demands, so it’s wise to have the right solution in place to support your growth and ensure no errors or bad debt occur.
Phentermine 37.5 Online
Patient data security is at the heart of the MBD operation – we know that the safety of patient-identifiable data is critical to independent practitioners, hospitals and insurers, particularly since you under increasing pressure to ensure robust safe-guards are in place. Our medical billing software has been given ISO/IEC 27001:2005 accreditation since 2009, which demonstrates our commitment to this important issue and the fact that we maintain data security systems of the absolute highest standards.
Phentermine 40 Mg Buy Online
Our strong collections record is largely based on the quality of accurate billing that we perform. Our online e-billing solution automatically validates that all of the necessary information is present so that Insurance Providers process the Invoice as fast as possible. Additionally, regular debtor ledger reviews and continuous follow-up ensures that all outstanding debt is collected within a sensible time frame. Our experienced approach to your patients will always be professional yet sensitive to minimise problems, and we will consult you directly regarding any potential non-payers before taking the final measure of legal proceedings.
Buy Phentermine 40 Mg
We will instruct all related Insurance Providers to make payments directly into your specified practice bank account. The remittance advice will be sent to MBD – we will record the receipt of payment and allocate this against the relevant Invoices. Cheques received that are payable to your practice will be recorded on our systems, allocated against Invoices and banked on your behalf. Monies collected by us on your behalf, such as self payers using a debit or credit card, will be electronically transferred to your practice bank account.
Phentermine Capsules Online
Our robust, secure systems allow us to offer both standard and bespoke reporting packages, tailored to the information you want. Typically we provide detailed monthly reports regarding aged debtors, bank reconciliation, billing analysis, Insurance activity and other key factors. Additional bespoke reporting and analysis is readily available from your account manager, such as referral analysis and fee breakdown. You will always have access to your reports at a moments’ notice via your account manager.
Phentermine Get Prescription Online
We provide a FREE Billing Health Check via a face to face meeting at your convenience. The findings from our audit are then compiled by our specialists into a comprehensive report that will be forwarded to your practice within two business days. From this foundation of comprehensive understanding, we will fit into your private practice as a seamless partner that you can absolutely rely on.
Phentermine India Buy
Most new consultants who join MBD have an element of old debt that has not been collected successfully. We have robust systems in place to manage the transfer and collection of ageing debt, as well as handling your new billing so that it runs at maximum efficiency. Our proven track record ensures we provide the best-practice solutions to medical billing and collections.
Phentermine Online
Over the years we have taken over from many secretaries who were happy and relieved that the billing was placed in our expert hands. The collection of monies from your patients is a tricky issue and one that your secretary may not be trained to deal with, especially when challenges arise. By working with a specialist medical billing company, both you and your secretary can focus on the main job at hand, which is taking care of your patients.
Phentermine Online Buy
Medical marketing is more important today than ever before – there are more private medical professionals competing for business, and your patients now have the tools to shop around at the click of a button. Having a fully integrated marketing strategy run by experts with vast experience in your sector will give your practice the edge over competitors, and allows you to fully focus on clinical care.
Phentermine Online Uk
Firstly, we will take the time to understand your current market position and what you would like to achieve. Then our experts will create an in-depth marketing plan which outlines in detail how the MBD team can raise your profile and build customer confidence in your practice. We have a world class arsenal of marketing tools that will ensure your business goes from strength to strength.
Phentermine Online Doctor
The marketing of your practice will be managed by our seasoned experts. Following an initial marketing review, we will drive the process forward while keeping you transparently informed. Our tailored solutions are designed to deliver the best possible results with the least amount of demand on your valuable time.
Phentermine Online Reviews
Rest assured our Billing Health Check is completely free – you are under no obligation to take things further
Phentermine Online Purchase Reviews
Typically our Billing Health Check is completed in a short face to face meeting. The findings and corresponding recommendations will then be compiled into a comprehensive report that will be forwarded to you within two business days.
Phentermine Online Canada
We can conduct the meeting with any member of your practice that has reasonable knowledge of your current billing and collections processes.
Phentermine Online India
We act on behalf of medical consultants and private practices to manage their billing and collections requirements, so that they can focus on giving you, the patient, the best care possible.
Phentermine 37.5 Mg Paypal
There are a number of reasons why you would receive a bill from Medical Billing Direct:
  • There is an excess on your Insurance Policy which you are liable for.
  • You have exceeded the financial limits of your Insurance Policy, meaning the treatment/consultation was not covered. This is referred to as a shortfall.
  • Your Insurance Policy was not active when the procedure/consultation took place.
  • Insurance Providers have defined rates for consultant fees. If your consultant fees are higher than the Insurance Providers rates, you are liable for the difference.
Phentermine To Buy
We apologise for the overlap. If you have recently paid the Invoice, please contact MBD with your payment details so that we can immediately reconcile your account, thank you.
Phentermine Buy Online
If you are having difficulties paying an Invoice, it is very important that you contact MBD as soon as possible. By being pro-active, we can work out a plan to settle the debt.
Phentermine Pills Online
Under exceptional circumstances this can be arranged by appointment; however it is easiest to use one of the 3 easy payment options listed above.

If you have any further questions that are not listed above please get in contact as we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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