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Methods of Payment
We have selected WorldPay to manage the processing of payments through our website.
WorldPay’s payment solutions are trusted and utilised by thousands of businesses, big and small, in nearly all parts of the world. WorldPay’s e-commerce solutions are secure and easy-to-use, and have enabled customers to gain access to valuable products and services over the Internet.
With WorldPay, you are provided with a variety of options for payment for Medical Billing Direct Ltd services, such as Visa, MasterCard, Switch and all the major credit cards. We also accept debit cards.


Money Back Guarantee
You may, however, cancel a payment made on this website within seven days of making the order by sending an email quoting your account number (you will have received this in the email receipt from Medical Billing Direct Ltd) or by quoting the date of payment and the name of the person who made the payment.
All refunds will be credited to the payment card used to make the order.
We are committed to security of your information and will investigate reported unauthorised usage of an account immediately and refund customers within twenty four hours for any breach of security as a result of internal company security transgressions.
All refunds are subject to security controls and customers will need to give correct answers to security questions before refunds are made.


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