Medical Billing

Choose the tailored Medical Billing System that does away with administrative stress once and for all – MBD delivers the efficiency you always wanted.

A successful practice relies on medical billing that is completed quickly and accurately. Our advanced and highly secure systems ensure that Invoices are submitted electronically and authorised for payment within minutes of being issued. This instant authorisation process assures the billing will be paid promptly, which in turn delivers improved cash flow for your practice. Our service is efficient, tailored and effectively designed to remove the administrative stress of billing and collections, so that you can focus on taking care of your patients

The MBD solution to medical billing delivers the following benefits:

cash flow

Secure electronic invoicing

Better clinical relationship with patients

CCSD coding


How We Help

Medical billing involves raising Invoices to many different parties, so it can quickly become complex and time-consuming. With MBD, Insurance Providers are issued Invoices electronically via our ultra secure platform which interfaces directly with their systems. This allows us to receive instant authorisation and prompt payment confirmation for the work billed. Where a patient does not have Insurance Cover, if there is an excess or a shortfall on their Insurance Policy, we will Invoice them directly.

For embassies and solicitors, MBD has a thorough understanding of your working practices through extensive experience building relationships within your sector. We will ensure Invoices are always submitted with all the necessary information needed to facilitate a speedy approval. Correct and complete information – first time, every time – is key to the success of our medical billing system.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. There are no financial or statutory restrictions to making a switch for your billing administration, so you are free to go ahead whenever it is convenient for you. Your company financial year and personal tax year also have no bearing on changing your medical billing to MBD. That said however, the sooner you move your billing to our experienced team, the sooner you will enjoy the benefits of reduced costs, improved cash flow and more time to focus on your patients.
A. The challenge of growing your practice will require your full focus on the practical and patient care related issues, so we advise you to take on a billing and collections partner as early as possible. If this important aspect is being managed effectively, you will have the confidence to do what you do best – taking care of the patients that put their trust in you. Another reason why it’s best not to wait too long before opting for a billing specialist is that increased practice activity equals increased billing demands, so it’s wise to have the right solution in place to support your growth and ensure no errors or bad debt occur.
A. Patient data security is at the heart of the MBD operation – we know that the safety of patient-identifiable data is critical to independent practitioners, hospitals and insurers, particularly since you under increasing pressure to ensure robust safe-guards are in place. Our medical billing software has been given ISO/IEC 27001:2005 accreditation since 2009, which demonstrates our commitment to this important issue and the fact that we maintain data security systems of the absolute highest standards.

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