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Make bad medical debt recovery fuss-free and late payments a thing of the past with MBD – expertise and experience you can rely on.

It is common for medical consultants to have an element of existing bad debt – this is one of the major reasons why it is extremely beneficial to have a billing partner like us. Using the vast experience within our highly trained team, we consistently deliver impressive collection rates for existing old debt. Our professionally robust yet sensitive processes ensure we achieve a high level of old debt collection. Once partnered with MBD, you’ll finally enjoy bad debts of less than 0.5% on all future billing.

We understand that bad medical debt recovery is a demanding process. Accrued debt may have arisen due to heavy workloads, and the billing may have been incorrect in the first place – wrong CCSD coding, unbundling, incorrect patient and treatment information are typical occurrences that can cause patient debts to remain uncollected, which then take time to investigate and resolve.


The MBD solution to bad medical debt recovery delivers the following benefits:

  • Easily transfer existing bad debt
  • Proven success rates
  • Dedicated, highly trained collections team
  • Robustly professional yet sensitive approach
  • Real-time, comprehensive, bespoke reporting
  • Less than 0.5% bad debts on future billing.

Many medical professionals mentally write off bad debt when it gets beyond a certain age because there simply isn’t the time to tackle it. MBD fills this gap with an experienced, skilled collections team that has an outstanding success record – we make it our sole priority to turn the older columns of your debtor’s ledger into cash. And with us taking care of collections for you, your practice will enjoy future billing that has less than 0.5% bad debt.

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Recently my secretary has been struggling with the billing and collections. I do not want to cause any upset, how should I approach this sensitive issue?

Over the years we have taken over from many secretaries who were happy and relieved that the billing was placed in our expert hands. The collection of monies from your patients is a tricky issue and one that your secretary may not be trained to deal with, especially when challenges arise. By working with a specialist medical billing company, both you and your secretary can focus on the main job at hand, which is taking care of your patients.

How will you get to grips with my particular practice?

We provide a FREE Billing Health Check via a face to face meeting at your convenience. The findings from our audit are then compiled by our specialists into a comprehensive report that will be forwarded to your practice within two business days. From this foundation of comprehensive understanding, we will fit into your private practice as a seamless partner that you can absolutely rely on.

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