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Medical Billing Direct Ltd. stands out from the crowd by using both cutting-edge technology and our extensive experience to deliver tangible improvements in the performance of your practice. Our dedicated, highly trained team and secure, world-class systems provide the top management service quality that our clients can rely on.

We always look to develop a long term relationship with our customers that is based on transparency, approachability, best-practice expertise and uncompromising results.

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Why we do it

Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional team relieves you of the many challenges faced by Medical Billing and Collections. There are three main areas of service that we offer to private medical professionals – Medical Billing, Collections and Bad Debt. Managing these tasks for your practice, we deliver fast and accurate Billing, utilising our secure electronic Invoicing platform. Professional and sensitive collections ensure that the billing is paid without causing any undue upset to your patients. Where existing old debt has accumulated, we step in and help collect the overdue monies. MBD’s best business practices then ensure debts are collected in a timely manner and never allowed to age. MBD’s bespoke systems allow us to offer a tailored solution to each client – putting your practice at the heart of our organisation.

Why we do it

MBD’s primary objective is to help you deliver the best possible service to your patients. MBD take full responsibility for the Medical Billing and Collections process, allowing you to invest the maximum amount of time into your patients care. Obsessed with service, passionate about technology MBD always looks to drive efficiencies and added value to each and every private practice that we work with. We are very proud of our record, and have consistently driven significant improvements in cash flow and net income….by up to 25% increase in net income.

To learn more about how our Medical Billing Company can boost your practice, see our Buy Original Phentermine Online Order Original Phentermine and Phentermine 37.5 Online sections. Please also feel free to speak to or email our team of dedicated specialists to discuss your individual needs.

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